Welcome to Feng Shui Touché

My experience with Feng Shui began around 13 years ago. We had received a gift which was meant for someone else and we were supposed to hand it over to the concerned person. But unfortunately, as it was heavy the concerned person never took it as he lived in a different city and this was a heavy gift.

So finally, we opened it and found it was a very unique Buddha. I had no knowledge of Feng Shui then and just placed it facing the front door. That was a game changer as many good things happened in our lives over a course of few months. This intrigued me to look up on the benefits of Buddha and I tumbled upon a whole new science of Feng Shui.

I did 2 Master’s courses in Feng Shui – Classical and Modern over a period of few years. Initially I did consultations for close family and then for friends. It was after a period that I started doing consultations for both home and businesses. I have been consulting for 7 years as of now.

I have worked on small houses, flats, mansions and complexes. Also, small businesses and big ones too and today I can boast of happy clients, some of whom have still remained in touch.

Feng Shui does not require huge costs or renovations which is why people are more attracted to it. Anyone who wants this harmony and happiness in life can give it a try. Some of you must have made changes watching YouTube, articles on internet or reading Feng Shui books but may not have got the desired result. The reason being that a consultant looks at many angles before deciding the remedy.